Ventia Re Trainer Rob Tracey – Testimonial

Hi Chat, I just wanted to give some feedback on the trainer Rob who was sent out to us for the last few sessions. Rob is an absolute gem of a bloke, he had such positive encounters with all of our employees, his industry and [...]

Ventia Re Trainer Rob Tracey – Testimonial2018-02-06T12:29:55+00:00

Ventia Lendlease – Testimonial

April 22, 2016 The Transqual staff in Queensland have supported the business to establish an award winning learning pathway which has been recognised at various state and national award ceremonies. They provide a timely and efficient level of customer service and cater to all of [...]

Ventia Lendlease – Testimonial2018-01-09T16:36:30+00:00

Toll NQX Darwin – Testimonial

April 25, 2016 Over the past 2 years Toll NQX Darwin has contracted Transqual for our DG Licencing and Load Restraint training. We have found Transqual very obliging to fit in with our operational timing to complete the training. Toll NQX Darwin will continue to [...]

Toll NQX Darwin – Testimonial2018-01-09T16:34:07+00:00

The Maxima Group Inc – Testimonial

May 13, 2016 We need more RTO’s like TRANSQUAL. I love working with an RTO that you can trust and know that the training will happen and that it is of a high standard that meets the requirements of both the Trainee and Host Employer. [...]

The Maxima Group Inc – Testimonial2018-01-09T16:04:00+00:00

Qenos – Testimonial

May 17, 2016 I have enjoyed working with Michael and his team at TRANSQUAL. They tailored their CoR training programme to meet our particular requirements and then supported us as we rolled out our total CoR programme. When faced with another major Logistics challenge, I [...]

Qenos – Testimonial2018-01-09T16:10:00+00:00

Trainee R. Roe – Testimonial

June 29, 2016 Dear Transqual, Thanks for opening a whole new world of great opportunity for me (gasp) FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE. For the rest of my life I won't have restrictions on employment ... the scope is wider now.  Your driving instructor/trainer [...]

Trainee R. Roe – Testimonial2018-01-09T16:01:18+00:00

Vic Mix Pathways Program – Testimonial

July 19, 2016 Thank you to the Team at Transqual for their professional roll out of the Pathway Program completed in June 2016. The Pathway Program is an employment scheme to assist long term unemployed individuals into gainful employment. A series of incentives are available [...]

Vic Mix Pathways Program – Testimonial2018-01-09T16:00:08+00:00

Mainmark – Testimonial

August 5, 2016 I would like to thank the staff at Transqual Logistics Training for the high quality course that my staff and I attended. The information and knowledge that we obtained today, will be a huge benefit in creating a safe working environment for [...]

Mainmark – Testimonial2018-01-09T16:34:02+00:00

Swisse – Testimonial

September 26, 2016 To ensure we were meeting our requirements in regards to COR, training was setup to introduce the concept of COR across the business. As a result, a full set of policies & procedures have been put into place for COR. With support [...]

Swisse – Testimonial2018-01-09T15:56:33+00:00
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