Onsite audits that work towards industry and legislative compliance

Onsite audits involve a thorough review of existing business processes, policies and practices against industry best practice and legislative compliance.

The Transqual audit team will identify gaps or issues and make recommendations to fill those gaps so the business can meet compliance requirements.

The audit process typically includes the the following:

  • Examination and review of existing systems, contracts and culture
  • Interview with key staff in all key areas
  • Identify gaps within existing policies and procedures throughout process
  • How is the client meeting the requirements of legislation
  • How is the client implementing policies and procedures
  • How is the client reviewing and monitoring policies
  • Provide recommendations to meet compliance requirements
  • Development of policies as identified during CoR Executive Brief
  • Complete a Training Needs Analysis identifying training responsibilities per job role as stated by legislation
  • Assist develop a “roll out” plan for gap training.

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