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Contextualised Courses

Training achieves the best outcomes when it is contextualised to specific business operations.

Training achieves the best outcomes when the training is contextualised to your specific business operations.

This is best achieved two fold.

First, prior to the roll out of training, the nominated trainer who will be delivering any accredited training will familiarise themselves with your existing policies, Standard Operating Procedures, Safe Work Practices, Work instructions, etc. These will need to be received by Transqual minimum of two weeks before the delivery of training.

Secondly, our trainers will make time to call the nominated point of contact to have a chat about your business, and ensure they are familiar with the type of goods and substances your personnel encounter. Both these activities allow our trainers time to contextualise the existing course content and allow Transqual to reinforce your internal procedures through handouts and discussion points.

Where possible/relevant, all theory training will be confirmed by practical validation using “normal” client equipment, practices and procedures where applicable.


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