December 10, 2012












The Challenge:

NSW Business Chamber Limited (NSWBC) aims to build a culture that encourages everyone in the workplace to take responsibility for maintaining a safe and healthy work environment. Following a review in 2011, NSW Business Chamber and Transqual identified they needed to consolidate and update their Driving Policy and Safe Systems of Work Driving Manual, which provided direction and instruction for managers and staff regarding the procedures, processes and strategies to be implemented with the aim of minimising the risks associated with car journeys.


The Solution:

NSWBC & Transqual developed a contextualised training program, combining both a theory and practical element that directly refers to NSWBC Driving Policy & Safe Driving Manual, with employees provided a glove box kit which summarises the content of the training. Two separate courses were developed to guarantee relevance for employees; a metropolitan course and regional course. In addition to providing staff company specific information about POC details, it provides drivers information they should be aware prior to driving (such as pre departure vehicle checks, vehicle servicing, ergonomics, awareness of the cars features, planning of routes and using satellite navigation aids), and factors to consider while driving (individual recognition & management of Fatigue, behaviour when driving a badged vehicle, defensive driving strategies, low light or poor visibility driving, emergency procedures, tyre changing, use of safety triangles). Trainees completing the regional course also cover 4WD techniques, encountering wildlife & emergencies procedures in remote areas, while the additional information covered in the metropolitan course includes road rage, congested traffic and driving on freeways. Following delivery of the theory with a group presentation and completing the workbook, employees are provided one on one driving exposure with a trainer, confirming their underpinning knowledge and skills and allowing the trainer to focus on ensuring each individual trainee is competent and confident in their ability.


The Results:

Since the commencement of this training, numerous courses have been delivered regionally throughout eastern Australia to nearly 800 employees nationally. Feedback has been positive the course is applicable to NSWBC Driving Policy, with the theory component reinforced by quality one on one time practical time with the trainer. Specific feedback from NSWBC is the training has raised the awareness of our drivers & increased confidence levels when dealing with issues as & when they arise. As the training is linked to units of competency, trainees are provided a nationally recognised Statement of Attainment, which is helping build a culture that encourages everyone in the workplace to take responsibility for maintaining a safe and healthy work environment.