Transqual operates a number of educational industry partnership arrangements with organisations within Australia and overseas.

Transqual operates a number of educational industry partnership arrangements with organisations within Australia and overseas.

A partnership arrangement is when training and/or assessment is delivered on behalf of Transqual by another organisation or Registered Training Organisation (RTO).

Why partner with Transqual?

Not all businesses have the required resources to become an RTO but would still like to deliver in-house accredited training. For these businesses, partnering with Transqual is an easier solution as the partnership allows them to:

  • deliver nationally recognised training and qualifications to their employees
  • be assured of the integrity and quality of the assessments.
  • share expertise, competencies and best practice
  • reduce costs
  • develop holistic assessment solutions.

Transqual’s partnerships promote and support excellence in learning and industry engagement. This process enables your business access to quality tertiary education to upskill your employees with qualifications from an RTO with over 20 years of experience in the transport and vocational education industries.

Transqual is partnered with over 15 business and industry leaders, giving these organisations a competitive edge through their employees’ continuing professional development.

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Over the past 2 years Toll NQX Darwin has contracted Transqual for our DG Licencing and Load Restraint training. We have found Transqual very obliging to fit in with our operational timing to complete the training. Toll NQX Darwin will continue to use Transqual to provide our external training courses.

Peter Bindley, Safety Training & Compliance Co-ordinator, Toll NQX, Darwin

The Transqual staff in Queensland have supported the business to establish an award winning learning pathway which has been recognised at various state and national award ceremonies. They provide a timely and efficient level of customer service and cater to all of our learning and development needs. They are innovative and flexible in their approach in the delivery of training and cater to all types of learning styles. The dedication and professionalism exhibited by Transqual has resulted in a motivated, inspired and capable workforce.

Brett Simpson, Operations Manager, Brisbane Motorway Services

We need more RTO’s like TRANSQUAL. I love working with an RTO that you can trust and know that the training will happen and that it is of a high standard that meets the requirements of both the Trainee and Host Employer. Communication is excellent and regular updates are sent through with out me having to find out where my trainees are at. Duncan is an excellent trainer ! Well done to the team at TRANSQUAL ! I love working with you !

Debbie Stefanic, Senior Recruitment Consultant / QLD Operations Manager, The Maxima Group Inc

I have enjoyed working with Michael and his team at TRANSQUAL. They tailored their CoR training programme to meet our particular requirements and then supported us as we rolled out our total CoR programme. When faced with another major Logistics challenge, I would seek out TRANSQUAL’s advice.e working with you !

Tony McAvaney - Logistics & Projects Manager, Qenos

Thank you to the Team at Transqual for their professional roll out of the Pathway Program completed in June 2016. The Pathway Program is an employment scheme to assist long term unemployed individuals into gainful employment. A series of incentives are available to assist Businesses with recruitment, training and employment costs.

Transqual’s initial enthusiasm and efforts are responsible for motivating Vic Mix to participate in the program. They went on to demonstrated the knowledge, experience, and industry relationships, needed to professionally roll out the program and deliver motivated, and desirable, employment candidates for the Vic Mix businesses.

The Program has resulted in Vic Mix offering Driving positions to a number of candidates for its Dandenong based site and it is considering a second round, focusing on finding suitable candidates for its Northern Suburbs site, in the future. Well done Transqual and special thanks to Michael Langan!

Joe Pietrosanto , Vic Mix Pty Ltd

I would like to thank the staff at Transqual Logistics Training for the high quality course that my staff and I attended. The information and knowledge that we obtained today, will be a huge benefit in creating a safe working environment for our company. We were impressed with the one on one, case specific attention that was implored into the course, while also also covering a broad industry spectrum. Highly recommended.

Jeremiah Kerrisk - Mainmark Asset Preservation, Mainmark

To ensure we were meeting our requirements in regards to COR, training was setup to introduce the concept of COR across the business. As a result, a full set of policies & procedures have been put into place for COR.

With support from Key personnel, there is now ongoing training programs for COR for new Team members and those changing Role’s, internally on our Policy’s & SOP’s on COR. This ensures all Team members are trained and aware of COR requirements & how this relates to our Swisse policy & SOP’s and what role they have to play in the Chain. We are now in the process of engaging with Transqual directly to come onsite to conduct COR training for new Team members, and those changing roles & duties.

Our Team found sessions that have already been conducted informative with many questions & discussions raised around the subjects, taught during these sessions. Thanks to the knowledge & understanding of the Trainer regarding COR, these questions were answered leaving few if no further questions on the subject, at the time.

William McWhiter, Swisse

Thank you for the way in which your team conducted this training. I found the service prompt, flexible, and friendly. We had special needs regarding venues and times and we had no problems getting the training for Jason in a timely and considerate manner.

We await the finalisation of the subsidy grants from Apprenticeships Support Australia to finalise the engagement, but we would have no hesitation using your team into the future.

Bernie Smith, A2B 2DAY