December 10, 2012





The Challenge:

Towards the end of 2010, Toll Remote Logistics (then Toll PDL) approached Transqual with an outline for the provision of Four Wheel Driver Training services that would assist in the implementation of their logistics support for BHP Billiton’s mining operations throughout Ethiopia. The timeframes outlined for the occurrence and mobilisation was extremely tight. This allowed little room for the development of a package that met the requirements of all employees,  contractors and local tribes people alike and provided challenges to ensure a consistent standard of skills and knowledge being demonstrated prior to staff being employed in field work sites.


The Solution:

Transqual was able to work closely with staff at Toll Remote Logistics to formulate a suitable course and assist in developing the training content needed to meet and exceed BHP Billiton’s International Driving Standards.  The existing ‘Three Star Rating Driver Training Program’ covered the operation, recovery and maintenance of two, four and all wheel drive light vehicles within Minerals Exploration (MinEx). This package was analysed, adjusted and then mapped to a current unit of competence, already being delivered, in Australia, by Transqual, for many other mining companies.

Commencing in January 2011, four Transqual trainers arrived in Ethiopia and commenced training in three locations. Immediately they were able to identify small modifications that were necessary to fine tune the approach. This included further involvement of language interpreters, in particular as the need for remote location training increased to a higher demand. The transition was met head on, and a relatively seamless result was achieved. The training constantly evolved and was able to keep pace with both industry and technology demands, whilst maintaining the flexibility needed to service the varying needs and levels of training required by all parties involved.


The Results:

Over the 12 month period, Transqual have successfully trained approximately 250 trainees in Ethiopia over numerous sites, rotating training staff approximately every 6 weeks. As a direct result of the training provided, Transqual have successfully increased the awareness and importance of safe driving practices and enhanced the overall safety of operations throughout the region. Transqual has maintained a strong commitment to Toll Remote and BHP Billiton and supported their every endeavour to be proactive in relation to OHS issues and training.