Enhancing your internal induction programme

Transqual can deliver client specific skill sets and On-The-Job training utilising entry level units of competency and pathways that have been modified to reflect core recruiting and employment values.

Potential employees are offered a snap shot of the compliance and induction requirements needed for full time employment though a formal training window.

This exposure allows both parties to observe each other in a pre-vocational environment and confirm compatibility to increase likelihood of a successful employment outcome. This pathway effectively offers the client an extended job interview several weeks in duration to confirm if the trainee is the right candidate as opposed to a 60 minute interview based on a resume and question and answer scenario.

The closer this training can replicate the potential client induction, the better prepared applicants will be and the better employment recommendations can be made by the trainers and mentors, resulting in better outcome to both applicant and employer.

To assist this, the more involvement the employer has in regards to training content, facilities, mentors, work placement/experience will have a direct impact on the final product.

This option utilises a different avenue to supplement your traditional recruiting methods and hopefully increase the talent pool while reducing your turnover once new staff have been employed.

Induction training is cost and obligation free to the employer.

Benefits include:

  • Community benefits of upskilling Jobseekers and improving employability skills
  • Assist current recruiting methods
  • Prolonged job interview to confirm suitable candidate
  • Develop additional pool of trained personnel for recruitment shortfalls
  • Induction training requirements minimised as paid employee
  • Job ready applicants commencing employment with compliance and licensing needs met
  • Increase likelihood of a successful employment outcome
  • Reduce turnover
  • Process easily replicated nationally
  • Training is free of charge for the host employer.

Type of job roles suitable for this training include:

  • Store Personnel
  • Bus Driver
  • Furniture Removalist – read a case study here
  • Agitator

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